Off-Grid Knives is an American small family business offering high quality knives at affordable prices.  We offer many different types of tactical & EDC folders.  We specialize in "Flipper" style knives using the same high quality materials as the bigger companies without busting your wallet.  Designing our knives 'in-house' and having close relationships with our knife makers, we can shave the cost dramatically and save you some hard earned cash.  In addition, being a smaller company means less overhead and we pass the savings to you.
Our goal is to keep our prices between $40-$100 so our knives can be affordable to everyone.  Our overall main goal is to deliver knives with the highest quality materials and build.  The majority of our knives are made in Taiwan and some in China.  After searching for the right company to partner with, we chose our manufacturers because they use the same techniques as the larger US companies, and use the latest technology and materials during production such as CNC Machining (Computer Numerical Controlled) and cryogenic treatments.  We've attempted to produce affordable knives here in the USA, but it's unfortunately not possible in order to meet our price points for the customer and quantity needed.  You may know by now, the level of quality in Asia has gone way up over the last 5 years.  We thoroughly vetted the companies we teamed with, sampled and tested all our products prior to partnering with them.  (Same production companies used by the big names you know well and likely already own.) 

Our clients include: **US Military, Law Enforcement (from LAPD to NYPD and everywhere in-between), Firefighters, EMT, and all around "knife nuts" across the country.  If you qualify, hit us up with an email, and we'll give you a discount code for, we love hearing from you!

To all Veterans, if you're interested in being featured as part of our #RespectForVets campaign, please send us an email, we'll hook you up with a few OG products to keep, use, test and get your feedback.  We'd love to feature YOU as part of our ongoing series.

Why REGISTER Your Product?...
We back our products with a Lifetime Replacement Guarantee!  We've heard it all, email us and we'll take care of you.  For example, we had a customer drop their Rapid Fire...into a camp fire, and we replaced it on the spot! 
Why do we use Japanese AUS8 steel?...
AUS8 is an upper mid-range steel.  It offers a relatively high resistance to rust and corrosion, very easy to sharpen and takes a razor sharp edge.  We upgrade our Japanese AUS8 blades by giving our steels cryogenic treatments.  Cryo's rapid cooling procedure goes further than just the basic quenching process, this treatment process improves strength and quality which provides a much stronger and longer lasting steel structure.  It's an added expense we feel is worth every penny.  Take all these factors and combine the "lower" cost of AUS8, it was an easy decision.  Bottom line, AUS8 gives us the ability to deliver high quality knives affordably and meet our price point goals for YOU.  
Will you be offering higher-end steels in the future?
Yes.  We're going to offer current and new designs in VG10, S35VN and even the current crown jewel of the industry, M390.  This will obviously push us into a much higher price point, yet we'll make sure to price it well below the competitors using the same materials.  We keep hearing from customers that they are willing to pay more for the higher end steels.  We listen, and we'll deliver.
Will you be offering the Rapid Fire models with plain edges?
Yes.  We have three new Rapid Fire plain edge designs in production right now.  One of which will be part of our "Blackout" series.  The quickest way to know when these new designs hit the market, follow us on Instagram.
In addition to, we sell on Off-Grid Amazon Store

We Listen To YOU...
If you have suggestions, input, or ideas that you think might improve any one of our products, we'd love to hear it.  We are always listening to our clients, working to improve our products for our customers.

Knives are our passion, and so is our commitment to every customer who's apart of the 'Off-Grid' family.  We want our customers to be happy campers no matter what, and we'll go the extra mile to make sure you're all good...guaranteed! 

Shoot us an email if you have any questions and we'll reply faster than our Rapid Fire Flipper!
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